Diet and Nutrition for people with lymphoma, myeloma or leukaemia

Our  dietitian can provide you with practical tips regarding many of the diet, nutrition and intestinal symptoms and  problems that occur with the illness or treatment that you have and assist your nutrition, the safety and effectiveness of your treatment and your general wellbeing.  A dietician can also help with recipes suitable for your particular situation to ensure you dietary needs are managed in a fun and easy way.

Your doctor might refer you to see a dietitian if you have:

·       Been diagnosed with myeloma, leukaemia, lymphoma, other cancer or other blood disorder and need treatment

·       Trouble maintaining a healthy diet due to nausea or taste changes due your treatment

·       A low immune system from treatment or your illness and you need to learn more about eating safely and healthily until your immune system improves

·       A need for help with dietary advice if any of your treatments require dietary changes

·       Managing wait gain when you are on steroids or other treatments that may encourage excessive weight gain

·       Lost your appetite and you are eating less than usual (or differently than normal)

·       Recently been diagnosed with leukaemia, myeloma and leukaema but not yet need treatment. The purpose of this is to help optimize your general health and immune system to try and maximise the time before you need treatment and to make treatment easier and safer for you

·       Experienced unplanned weight fluctuations as a result of treatment

·       Problems with being overweight that are making your treatment more difficult

What you can expect from seeing a dietitian:

·       A longer initial consultation where a detailed history is taken, including diet and medical history, social information and personal health goals  - thus forming the basis on an ongoing trusting relationship.

·       Shorter, follow-up consultations where your dietitian will help you make a plan specific to you, monitor your progress, strategize and troubleshoot for future problems.

In order to assist you make practical, sustainable changes that will last a lifetime, more than one consultation is usually required.­­­

Ring the clinic on  33241233 if you would like to arrange an appointment with our Dietitian 

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