Dr Nicol held the position of Associate Professor of Cancer Medicine at the University of Queensland for many years. He was responsible for teaching haematology (the study of blood diseases) as well as leukaemia, myeloma and lymphoma at the University of Queensland. Dr Nicol is currently involved in training junior doctors and trainee specialists who are training to become haematologists. Dr Nicol also supervisors and assists research students undertaking PhD degrees in myeloma. 

It is possible that you will be asked whether or not you mind being interviewed or examined by medical students or trainee specialists, or if they can sit in during your consultations with Dr Nicol. Most of this would be while you are an inpatient in the hospital, but on some occasions it may also be whilst you are consulting with Dr Nicol in the Clinic.

Your involvement with medical students is entirely voluntary. As a private, fee paying patient you are under no obligation to be interviewed by medical students or to have the medical students in the consulting room during your appointments. This is particularly important if there may be highly personal or worrying information discussed during the appointment. Therefore, we urge you to let us know at any time that you are not comfortable with medical students being present during your consultations. We respect that this may be a blanket preference or relate to individual consultations or specific students. Whatever the circumstances, this is your choice and we will ensure that your preference is respected with complete discretion and privacy.

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