Oncology Day Therapy Unit

Greenslopes Private Hospital has a new, purpose built oncology day therapy unit (named the Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre). The Centre was designed to provide day care facilities for blood transfusions, stem cell harvests and the administration of chemotherapy. The oncology day therapy unit has been designed to provide optimal privacy for you during your treatment and to ensure a quiet, stress free visit.

Specially trained oncology nurses staff the unit and will be happy to provide you with additional information about the medications you may be receiving.

In recognition of the fact that chemotherapy takes time and significantly interrupts your usual schedule, the treatment areas are private and quiet so that you can work or study. Wireless internet access is available to allow you to work, socialise on line or to send and receive e-mails. Our booking systems are designed to ensure the chemotherapy is completed in the shortest possible times.

The Oncology Day Therapy Unit is situated a few minutes walk from the consulting rooms of the Brisbane Clinic for Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukaemia.  This ensures medical cover is close by if there are any problems or if you develop any concerns that need urgent medical review.

Generally you will be reviewed in the Clinic before going to the Day Therapy Unit for treatment to ensure that you are well enough for the planned treatment to proceed, that no changes in treatment are required, and that you have the appropriate prescriptions, follow up plans, and requests for future X-rays or blood tests.


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