Psychological support for patients with lymphoma, myeloma or leukaemia or other forms of cancer

A diagnosis of any form of cancer can be frightening and can cause enormous stress on the person diagnosed and on family and friends. There are likely to be temporary or permanent changes in lifestyle, work, family relationships and uncertainty that can be difficult to cope with. 

Our psychologist can support you in the following ways.

How often do you need to see a psychologist: We recommend seeing our psychologist at the time of your initial diagnosis and when treatment is started. This can help you cope in these early stages and prevent bigger problems from developing.  In order to assist you  and your family maintaining a positive outlook, remaining motivated and happily working together during your treatment more than one consultation is usually required at the time of diagnosis and initial therapy.­­­

After that many people need ongoing support but at varying intervals. Some only need psychological support at the worst times such as coming up to test results, after diagnosis of relapse or failure of treatment plans.

Ring the clinic on  33241233 if you would like to arrange an appointment with our Psychologist. 

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